Language Policy

Language policy

At the Language Centre the students have the possibility to learn foreign languages and improve the skills in Estonian academic language for native speakers as elective courses.

Students can learn following foreign languages in the beginners´ level A or in advanced level B: English, German, Russian, Finnish, French, Norwegian, Latin, Chinese and Estonian as a foreign language.

All students studying at EMU have an obligatory course of English or German for Specific Purposes in B2 level.

The students of veterinary medicine have also an obligatory course of Latin for Specific Purposes in A1 level.

We also have close cooperation with University of Tartu, who accepts our students for language courses. Students are advised to take courses from language schools or folk universities.

Every semester, starting from September/October and February, the Language Centre offers Estonian language course free of charge to incoming students and members of staff. Incomers can also take part in the classes of English or German for specific purposes and elective language courses.

Language Centre
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