Call for Papers



The LSP conference Tartu 2011 Bridging specialised competences: innovative approaches exploredaims to raise awareness in issues of Language for Specific Purposes as there is an increasing interest both among language and subject specialists. We therefore intend to bring together people of divergent specialised competences to bridge the areas to which we need mutual access.


The mission of the conference is to  build upon LSP research by exploring the following topics:

  • Cognitive aspects of specialised languages
  • Linguistic features of specialised language
  • Communication of specialised knowledge
  • Raising awareness in Language for Science and Technology
  • Innovation in LSP methodology
  • Non-language specialists’ perspectives on LSP
  • Terminology management in theory and practice
  • Cross-language correlation of specialised discourse and beyond
  • Bridging specialised competences in Academic and Technical Writing
  • Diachronic perspectives on LSP
  • Text and genre analysis of specialised discourse
  • Intercultural aspects of specialised discourse
  • Corpus Linguistics in specialised lexicography and the LSP classroom
  • Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) vs Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • LSP in Business Communication
  • LSP and multimedia discourse


We most welcome contributions that would address the challenges involved in LSP from language specialists and specialists of subjects other than language, e.g. specialists of Science and Technology.


We would like you to discuss the above issues in your papers, so that the LSP conference Tartu 2011 results in an advanced understanding among LSP related communities of different competences, means and aims.


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